Do You Need a Re-Resolution?

If you made a weight-loss resolution January 1, you are in good company. But New Year’s resolutions can be counter-productive because they suggest it’s OK to overdo it through the holidays and foster a quick-fix/diet mindset.

It’s just as challenging to make healthy changes on January 1 than any other day. The good news is, your body doesn’t know what day (or month) it is. You can achieve results any time with a re-resolution.

Re-Resolution Keys

There are a few areas to focus on to transform a desire for weight loss into a new lifestyle you can keep.

Sustainability Start with small, good-for-you changes that you can maintain. Create a calorie deficit (that is, use more calories than you take in):

  • Avoid liquid calories (like soda, fruit juice and Frappuccinos).
  • End meals when you are comfortably satisfied (not full).
  • Begin a walking program.
  • Address emotional cues that trigger overindulgence.

Consistency Making changes, even good ones, can be uncomfortable. New, healthy habits usually need more than a month to “stick.” Changing your relationship with your body and food takes time and persistence. Minor setbacks and small fluctuations on the scale are normal, so don’t give up on your re-resolution!

Rewards As your journey continues, don’t take success for granted. After a while of healthy eating and exercise, you’ll feel lighter and have more energy. Remember those benefits are directly related to your effort. Rewarding yourself by reverting to unhealthy habits can quickly reverse your good work. Begin to reframe your definition of rewards to focus on wellness and quality of life.

Look for more re-resolution inspiration next week.

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