ADHD: Helping Families Put the Pieces Together

ADHD (attention deficit disorder) is a brain-based biological disorder that is usually first diagnosed in childhood. Symptoms include inattentiveness, impulsive behavior and, sometimes, hyperactivity.

There is no way to prevent ADHD, but early detection and intervention are very helpful. Early detection and intervention can help make symptoms less severe, decrease how much behavioral symptoms interfere with school functioning, enhance a child’s normal growth and development, and improve the quality of life for children/teens and their families.

Beginning in March, we are offering a family-based ADHD program that offers weekly, concurrent groups for parents and kids. Parents meet in a supportive group environment to enhance specialized parenting skills. Children meet with peers to learn tools and skills to improve their social interaction and well-being. For the last part of the session, families come together to review key ideas and practice new skills.

The parents’ group covers topics like understanding attention deficit disorder; problem-solving and coping skills; discipline and limit setting; behavior modification; communication skills; navigating sibling and peer conflict; homework and educational concerns; and teaching children social skills.

The children’s group helps with things like problem solving; social skills; coping techniques; and relaxation training.

The group will meet Tuesday nights, 6 to7:30 p.m., for about three months in Lake Success. Please contact me to learn about joining the group or receiving individual and family therapy.

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  1. Rosette Reisman

    I am very interested in joining the groups and getting information about this. I am currently an employee of the health system at lenox hill

  2. dawn Totevski

    Lake success is too far from us, but this program is exactly what my family needs. Anything near Sayville in Suffolk County that is similar?


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