Put Your Best Foot Forward on National Running Day

Running is a great aerobic workout, but a sports injury can really sideline your routine. Since proper form helps prevent injuries, take some simple steps to get off on the right foot.

Six Running Tips

Run when you feel well. If you’re sick, exhausted or hurt, give your body time to mend itself.
Dress for the weather and time of day. Wear reflective clothing when running at night.
Stay well hydrated–before, during and after a run.
Train carefully for races and competitions.
Don’t run in isolated or dangerous areas.
Stretch hip, knee and ankle muscles after a run. Hold stretches for 15 seconds, several times each.

Pain from a running routine can show where your body is out of alignment, according to the American Physical Therapy Association. For example, improper foot alignment can cause hip pain, and improper hip alignment can cause knee pain. To adjust your running technique to reduce the risk of injury and improve performance, get help from a physical therapist.

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  1. darleen

    Wow. I went running 3 times yesterday. The 3rd was to chase a puppy almost 2 blocks:-( Apperently she knew it was National Running Day and wanted to run too!


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