Taking Your Diet out to the Ballgame

While the baseball season ramps up, we tend to get just as excited about ballpark food as the game itself, and, why not? Baseball stadiums have become a mecca of international foods and hometown favorites, washed down with your favorite ale.

But does mixing nine innings of ball mess with your diet? It won’t if you take some quick, painless steps to maintaining your progress. It may sound weird, but you can help curb your appetite by eating right before the game. Having a small meal before the tailgate session can help keep you from overeating, but still have you enjoying yourself.


Take along some of these tips with you to the ballpark, but most importantly, have fun:

• Color your meals. With healthier options being available around the country, even stadiums have choices that include fruits and vegetables.

• Limit alcohol. Intoxication may be the reason they limit each fan to a certain amount of hard beverages, but your reason can be to carve out some empty calories.

• Watch your portion sizes. There’s always a scale of options at the game, choosing an extra-large soda to get a souvenir cup may be a bit counter-productive.

• Enjoy your company. Eating isn’t an endurance sport. Take time to enjoy the meal and participate in conversation with your family and friends. Most importantly, it’ll let your body tell you that it’s full.

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