Spring into Your Summer Body

The flowers are blossoming and the days are extending as spring quickly reminds us that summer is just around the corner. Along with millions of other Americans, the warmer weather is a reminder of the approaching summer and the idea of beaches and bikinis.

Did your New Year’s resolution fall apart? Don’t fret. A resolution or promise to yourself can be started anytime. Your body won’t know the difference. Incorporating portion control and adding exercise into your life is something that can start any day if you’re motivated.

Simple changes are key in your lifestyle transformation, as it will make things less drastic. For calorie intake, to each their own. Because calories are calories, yes, you can technically lose weight by just eating less, but pick foods that will give you more bang for your buck, that are chuck full of nutrients and have a good ratio of protein, carbohydrates and fat.

Each individual is different, and we all have different goals, so there is no cookie-cutter ratio when it comes to nutrients that everyone can fit into, but a great strategy for consumption is to break out of the traditional, three-meal-a-day diet. Easiest way avoid a binge is to break your day down into four to six meals, where there’s less of a gap in between caloric intake. When you go four to six hours without food you’re inclined to reach for the junk or raid a vending machine. The definition of a “meal” may be shifted with this practice, as it can define a 2-500 calorie portion when broken down.

As for eating what you want, a strict routine can cause anyone to fall off the wagon. Allowing yourself to eat your coveted comfort food is something we mentally need after rigorous dieting. Don’t necessarily think of it as a cheat meal, more so responsibly incorporating a favorite into your balanced diet. Most importantly, don’t replace good for bad. Don’t skip on a protein-filled meal to have a brownie.

Along with many other things in life, patience is imperative in achieving your weight loss goals. The general rule of thumb is that two to three pounds of weight loss a week is ideal. Initially, loss might be a bit more drastic because you’ll lose water weight quickly, but you’ll settle into a zone where you’ll feel consistent, gratifying results.

Just as important as the work you’ll put into the kitchen is the importance in the bedroom, as a good night’s sleep can make all the difference with weight loss and general wellness. An erratic sleep schedule will equal an erratic eating schedule. Having consistent sleeping patterns will show up in the mirror.

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