Pick the Best Toys for Kids’ Safety

When shopping for the top toys for kids, parents already know to watch for small parts that are choking hazards. But it’s important to remember that many toys that seem harmless can cause eye trauma or even permanent blindness.

1. Avoid playthings that shoot or have parts that fly off.
2. Slingshots, paintball guns and especially BB guns are all dangerous and not recommended.
3. Steer clear of toys with sharp or rough edges.
4. Make sure toys are durable enough to stand up to use. Shattered pieces can get into anyone’s eye.
5. For sports, buy appropriate protective eyewear with polycarbonate lenses. Your ophthalmologist can tell you what will protect your child’s eyes.

Be sure to show your child the proper use of new toys. And open that tough-to-crack packaging yourself: A child using a knife to hack open a package is a recipe for disaster.

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