5 Things to Watch to Keep from Drunk-Driving

On the way home from a party, remember this: No one can drink and drive safely—not even a little bit.

Drinking any alcohol impairs your judgment and coordination and decreases your ability to determine distance, speed and angles. When arrested for DWI, most people think they are just fine—proving that alcohol hurts judgment.

New York State police officers use five things to gauge driver impairment:
• How much alcohol you drank
• Whether you ate before and while drinking (food slows absorption)
• How long you spent drinking
• Body weight
• Gender (women and men metabolize alcohol differently)

Drunk-driving penalties are severe, so stay safe by planning ahead. If you want to drink, designate a sober driver, stay overnight, take public transportation or a taxi, or ask someone to pick you up.

If you suspect unhealthy habits in yourself or a loved one, get help for alcohol or drug abuse. The best gift is a safe and healthy holiday season.

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