Protect Your Eyes From Summer Sun

Summer is approaching quickly- do you know all there is to know about summertime eye safety? We all know the dangers of UV rays to our skin but it is also important to protect your eyes. Aside from the pleasing esthetics, wearing sunglasses with 100% UV A and UVB protection help protect your eyes from harmful rays and harsh sunlight. The sun does not need to be shinning bright for you to be effected by the sun’s rays- UV rays are strong and can pass through the cloudy overcast.

Benefit of wearing sunglasses:
• Prevents early formation of cataracts from UV damage
• Protects sensitive skin around the eyes from the development of tumors from free radicals
• Relieves dry eye syndrome by blocking wind
• Reduces glare via polarized lenses
• May help to prevent macular degeneration as you age
• Protects your eyes from debris and sand

Maintaining a healthy diet does more than keeps you looking fit; eating right may protect you from cataracts, macular degeneration, and other eye diseases. As the grills come out this summer, try replacing your chicken with salmon. Salmon is rich in omega-3 and other essential vitamins that are important for maintaining overall eye health. Make your salads using dark, leafy greens including spinach and kale. And don’t forget the guacamole! Avocados are nutrient dense providing lutein, vitamins A, E, C, and B6. Baby carrots are perfect for dipping into fresh guacamole.

Start using these tips in May during Healthy Vision Month to get a head start on protecting your eyes! To make an appointment for your eye exam, call 516-470-2020 today!

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