Epilepsy Surgery Improves Seizure Control and Quality of Life

A 26-year follow-up study published in the journal Epilepsia revealed that after epilepsy surgery, nearly half of participants were free of disabling seizures and 80 percent reported better quality of life than before surgery.

Spanning over three decades, the study is the longest follow-up of epilepsy surgery patients. However, nothing has changed in that time in that it is still widely accepted that epilepsy surgery is the most effective treatment to halt debilitating seizures.

In the study, researchers analyzed seizure data and quality-of-life outcomes of 361 patients who underwent epilepsy surgery between 1967 and 1990. Patients were then surveyed to assess seizure control and quality of life. Of the 361 patients, 117 completed follow-up interviews for the study and 48 percent were determined to be free of disabling seizures. On a survey assessing quality of life for those with epilepsy, 80 percent of patients reported their overall quality of life was better than before the surgery, when seizures were frequent and not responding to anti-seizure medication.

For more information on seizures and epilepsy, please visit the Comprehensive Epilepsy Care Center at Cushing Neuroscience Institute.

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