Reduce PFC Exposure to Protect Health

Kid’s vaccinations may be rendered less effective because of chemicals often found in homes, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association.

PFCs (perfluorinated compounds) are chemicals found in many everyday items around the house, like cookware, food packaging, home furnishings, microwavable popcorn and often tap water. Most of us, including our children, have PFCs in our bodies. That may weaken kids’ ability to benefit from full protection from vaccinations.

Furthermore, it’s unlikely that’s the only health effect PFCs may cause. While researchers have only begun to evaluate PFC’s full range of health effects in humans, animal studies show the chemicals could harm fetal neurological development, alter hormonal function and contribute to various cancers. Further complicating the matter is that these compounds can stay in our bodies for a number of years after exposure.

Some types of PFCs are being phased out, but others are entirely unregulated. Until the effect of these compounds on human health is clear, it makes sense to reduce exposure to them by avoiding the products that use them. In light this new study, reducing exposure is particularly important for pregnant women and young kids, since it is well established that both are more vulnerable to chemicals’ harmful effects.

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